The Seacraft MILITARY model is the most state-of-the-art underwater scooter on the market, that incorporates innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to enable the machine to be used in extremely difficult and demanding conditions. The modular design of the device makes it possible to use different types of batteries and to connect scooters in shuttle platforms. Using a master scooter to lead slave scooters in column and significantly increasing the pulling capacity means that SEACRAFT scooters are perfect for special purposes, military and rescue operations. The exceptional parameters allow for increased possibilities, including the ability to travel long distances underwater and extensive battery life, for hours of continuous diving. The model also stands out from the competition with its innovative and unprecedented DPV motor, working in complete immersion. Despite its tremendous power potential, the Seacraft MILITARY DPV is one of the lightest and quietest scooters on the market, making it easy to transport the equipment over long distances and allows for high comfort and ergonomics. Thanks to the special post swirl stator the scooter has a stable flow path and maximum maneuverability at full, adjustable speed range. The motor running almost silently creates a wide range of possibilities for use on special operations. In the special version, the SEACRAFT scooter can be covered with a special anti-reflective coating according to NATO recommendations and standards.

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