Seacraft unique engine construction has been always a heart of it’s unique parameters.

Now, it is even better.

With implementation of custom manufactured magnets, to engine’s rotor, our unit is even more efficient and faster than before.

Below is attached test data of energy consumption from gears 1-9, with new rotor.

Diver is equipped with our standard test configuration - 2x12l double tank, drysuit and test is performed in fresh water.

Current draw and speed data of previous and new rotor are presented below - comparison of soft v.1.0 with old rotor, and soft above 1.2 version, with new rotor.

GearPower draw (old rotor) [Watt]Speed, old settings [m/min]Power draw (new rotor) [Watt]Speed, new settings [m/min]
1 79355128
2 117388235
3 1554112040
4 2114717146
5 2805023752
6 3595732458
7 4776142865
8 5736656070
9 7317172078
+ variablevariablevariablevariable

As you can see - we also “slowed down” lowest gear, nr 1 - to give a “fine maneuvering speed”, and increased speed of highest gears, with adjusting gears in between for smooth operation.

Every unit with soft v.1.2 or higher, has upgraded gear distribution.

Biggest benefits of new rotor:

- lower current draw with moderate speeds, resulting in range increase and even better drive efficiency;

- using our booster gear “+”, you will get to even higher speed, as biggest efficiency increase is in high-RPM area.