Model 2020 released!


We are happy to announce that time has come- and we are ready to start delivering our scooter's new version- "model 2020".

As usually- Seacraft is ahead of it's time, thus we decided to not wait for year 2020, but start delivering new product now.

Biggest changes and improvements (mechanical)

- Revised charging socket construction- with dual o-ring seal (one radial, and one front-face). Even if one is dirty/ failing scooter will remain sealed.
- Dual- o-ring cap nut as standard.
- Direct engine connection to electronics plate not only greatly simplifies all potential servicing, but also... improves efficiency with top speeds. (as cable-connectors are eliminated)
- Main switch is now completely separated from electronic's chamber- with full thickness aluminum body (non contact solution).
- Construction allowing for implementing new functionalities which Seacraft is working on- more information coming soon.

Biggest changes and improvements (software and steering)

"Model 2020" sent from 1.07 will be equipped in software 2.0.

- New engine steering mode- "constant torque", which allows for full thrust in ~1.5s, directed for professional users which need immediate scooter reaction for triggers.
- Remaining runtime monitoring- timer with estimated remaining working time (based on last 5s of work) is now displayed on both driving screens.
- Power on the engine is now displayed in Watt's, instead of Ampers- what makes easier comparing drive load with different battery % status.
- Automatic software number detection and visualization in settings mode.
- User- choice of installed battery (makes easier switching between different batteries).
- Revised humidity warning- now, if humidity exceeds safe level, red WATER sign is displayed.