SEACRAFT uses the highest quality innovative materials in production processes: aerospace aluminum and technopolymers to guarantee high levels of durability and safety and versatile use. The scooter is great for both recreational and technical diving; A special SEACRAFT model is dedicated to rescue and military purposes.

The lightness, reliability and durability of the construction, the ergonomics, exceptionally quiet engine performance are the features of the SEACRAFT underwater scooter distinguishing it from the competition.

The complete scooter, ready to dive, weighs only 16 kg and its ergonomic design allows for trouble-free transportation to the cave or waterway entrance and on the boat deck. The reliability and durability of the device's design allows for a long service life without the need for inspection, the scooter is easy and hassle-free in everyday use. The external charging socket, which is fitted as standard, allows you to use your scooter without having to disassemble it. Advanced technology, used in every stage of developing ergonomics solutions, has made it possible to produce the most modern, compact and most powerful DPV-class device on the market today.


The modern and innovative character of all SEACRAFT models is the result of detailed planing and supervised production processes. The manufacturer of the device, based on their own long-standing research and development, have applied innovative solutions in the field of machine design that have not yet been used in such devices: the motor running at full immersion, the post swirl stator, double sided steering handle, and electronic controllers, amongst others. Experimental research carried out over several years, numerical analyzes and equipment tests, both in the laboratory and in various underwater arenas, have led to the development of an underwater scooter that stands out from the competition in a number of parameters. Our own custom laboratories, numerical analysis software for structural strength and hydrodynamics, pressure chambers, hammock pools, a series of benches to control all scooter parameters, allow complete control over the production process of each manufactured model. A reliable quality control system at each stage ensures that every piece produced meets the expectations of the buyer. The guarantee provided fully protects the buyer against any possible effects of defect in the material from which it was made. All models use special aluminum alloy and the latest generation of technopolymers. This guarantees the reliability and durability of the device and the longevity of the equipment, even if the dives are in difficult conditions (deep dives, wreck dives, caves, very cold or extremely warm waters).