SEACRAFT uses the highest quality innovative materials in production processes: aerospace aluminum and technopolymers to guarantee high levels of durability and safety and versatile use. The scooter is great for both recreational and technical diving; A special SEACRAFT model is dedicated to rescue and military purposes.

The lightness, reliability and durability of the construction, the ergonomics, exceptionally quiet engine performance are the features of the SEACRAFT underwater scooter distinguishing it from the competition.

The complete scooter, ready to dive, weighs only 16 kg and its ergonomic design allows for trouble-free transportation to the cave or waterway entrance and on the boat deck. The reliability and durability of the device's design allows for a long service life without the need for inspection, the scooter is easy and hassle-free in everyday use. The external charging socket, which is fitted as standard, allows you to use your scooter without having to disassemble it. Advanced technology, used in every stage of developing ergonomics solutions, has made it possible to produce the most modern, compact and most powerful DPV-class device on the market today.



SEACRAFT DPV - the first diving scooter in the world, in which the motor runs directly in the water. This makes it the most innovative product available on the market today. Specially designed and patented solutions allows the complete elimination of the drive shaft and the need for expensive and unreliable seals used in all other constructions. The motor working in the water is much more durable and resistant to workload and also completely eliminates overheating inside the scooter. Innovative solutions enable you to work much deeper, longer and with much greater motor power. The motor parameters permit direct drive propulsion, which translates into greater efficiency and more reliable operation of the scooter.

MARINE PROPELLER - Is a specially designed propeller with nozzle and post swirl stator, perfectly suited to cooperate with the motor. The SEACRAFT scooter, as the only product on the market in propulsion design, has a post swirl stator for additional thrust of the scooter, increased propulsive efficiency and elimination of the reaction torque of the drive unit. This allows the scooter to work longer while using less force to control. The engine works almost silently, making it the quietest scooter on the market.

The O-LED graphic display on-board computer enables full and continuous control of all operating parameters of the SEACRAFT DPV. It enables constant monitoring of all important user data, including battery charge, running gear, running time, power consumption, battery voltage and even temperature and humidity in the electronics. The user has the ability to configure many functions and parameters of the work of the scooter, eg maximum power, speed change characteristic, control mode, safety function configuration, and in special versions of reverse gear, active power control. This is the world's first scooter in its class, which has such extensive functionality and displays the current performance of DPV so precisely. This makes it possible for the user to plan and execute dives with even more safety in the most dangerous locations.

The Seacraft DPV has double sided comfortable steering handle, with built-in stop start buttons and multi-select gear up/down buttons on the OLED graphic display. This innovative solution allows the scooter to be held stable with two hands, dramatically improves the ergonomics and reduces user fatigue. During use releasing the on/off buttons on the steering handle causes the scooter to stop immediately and re-engagement a gentle increase in speed to the previously set gear. The speed button allows you to select one of the 9 primary gears, and two special ones (reverse and boost mode) and is conveniently, intuitively pressed with your thumb. All gear changes take place smoothly and without jerks. User has possibility to enable or disable special gears from control panel.

Seacraft's scooter, with its unique mechanical construction, is definitively different from all the current solutions used by other manufacturers. Abandoning the use of out dated and unreliable rods, push rods, gears, or the motor running in a closed dry chamber in the scooter housing. Instead, modern control and control systems, state-of-the-art water contact motor, ultralight components and materials, and unique hydrodynamic solutions make the scooter extremely light and responsive. All this eliminates the risk of the control system overheating, overheating of the interior of the scooter, motor, battery or electronics failure. Thanks to the specially designed post swirl stator the scooter achieves a stable flow rate, increased efficiency and pull from the drive unit, and the ease of handling the scooter without overexertion, equaling the reaction time of any other construction available on the market.
and comfort
Precise indication of battery level and other operating parameters on the built-in computer, independent on/off switch, unambiguous control with buttons on the steering handle and indication of operating mode, protection against accidental switch on, convenient carrying handle, dedicated transport stand, the ability to charge without dismantling the scooter, security electronics, are just some of the things that make use of the SEACRAFT DPV safer. Comfort is provided by innovative solutions to eliminate unnecessary effort required to operate the device. Among them, the compact and lightweight construction, the ergonomic double sided steering handle for two handed and one handed (for disabled use), and an exceptionally quiet engine, are worth mentioning. The specially designed Seacraft post swirl stator, effectively eliminates the reaction torque of the drive unit and further increases the pull and stability of the scooter. The extensive accessory range includes an external fastfit ballasting and trimming system, convenient carrying handles as well as brackets for dedicated lighting, photo and video equipment.

The Seacraft scooter uses the latest generation lithium-ion batteries, which are characterized by their high capacity, high efficiency, toughness and short charging times. Built-in internal battery control system and an innovative solution in the form of a standard mounted external charging socket, allow you to charge the battery without having to open the scooter. The charging time of the primary battery is about 2.5 hours with the standard charger. The built-in scooter computer shows the battery charge level during charging. The high capacity of the batteries used and the high power efficiency of the drive unit make it possible to exceed the existing time barriers available to DPV units. For those looking for even longer-term use, the SEACRAFT brand offers significantly higher capacity batteries.

Seacraft scooters are fully configurable by the user, allowing them to customize the parameters to their individual preferences. In addition to the standard dedicated battery charger, the scooter is equipped with a soft carry handle that simultaneously serves as an external ballast belt for quick and accurate balancing and trimming of the scooter. Additional accessories for the scooter include: a special bracket for mounting an underwater camera, rigid handles for carrying the scooter, an electronic navigational console with guidance functions to destination and return to starting point, and SEACRAFT multi-function torches.