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The SEACRAFT DPV underwater scooter (Diver Propulsion Vechicle) is an element of additional diving equipment for faster movement underwater and increased range of diving. This device is intended for use only by people trained in this field and who have the appropriate diving qualification obtained from the completion of diving courses organized by authorized instructors.

Even the best DPV without appropriate skills and training, will be not usable, and can be dangerous.

If you would like to obtain certification to use the scooter, please contact SEACRAFT or the nearest SEACRAFT DEALER to get information about courses in this field, organized by reputable associations, federations and Dive clubs.


The SEACRAFT underwater scooter manufacturer supports its activities in the context of corporate social responsibility, and supports actions that make contact with the underwater world as a form of rehabilitation for people who have suffered accidents or those with disabilities. SEACRAFT are also equally willing to participate in projects that contribute to promoting physical activity and build healthy sports habits for future world class athletes, and to promote the protection of nature and the environment. Promoting diving as a safe sport and allowing us to better understand the natural underwater world around us, and to protect our biodiversity are further goals that Marine Tech is is commited to as the producer of the SEACRAFT brand.

We are open to cooperation and support for organizations working for the disabled, children, and anyone who is close to the goals and mission of our company. Those interested in undertaking joint CSR activities, are encouraged to contact us.

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