Project name:Deep training in Garda lake
Project type:Deep dive with Seacraft DPV
Broken records:1
Record:303m depth- this time, the deepest ever done CCR dive
Location:Garda lake, Italy
303m dive in Garda lake This was just a training

303m dive in Garda lake This was just a training

Krzysztof claims that this dive was just a preparation before his deep cave projects- and simulatanous check of most critical equipment parts, before pursuing deeped in the overhead environment.

I had few implosions during descent, but it’s standard at these depths, and then all was calm. Seacraft’s scooter and Divesoft computers did a great job. Both products worth recommending to modern technical divers


303m dive in Garda lake Video from the dive

Krzysztof’s dive- what in this time was a world CCR depth record- can be seen in the short video clip.

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