Project name:Anjanamba
Project type:Cave exploration
Record:Longest underwater cave in Africa
Anjanamba Madagascar expeditions
Anjanamba Madagascar expeditions

Patrick and his team have been involved in annual expeditions to Madagascar in Africa since 2014. They have discovered and explored several underwater systems in this country, including Aven cave with all its fossils or Malazamanga with the largest submerged cave tunnel in the world.

Anjanamba cave was discovered by Ryan Dart and Phillip Lehman in 2016. For the 3 following years Patrick, Ryan, and Phillip kept coming back to continue the exploration of this most amazing submerged system – among the other caves. 


2015- discovery
Anjanamba was discovered by Ryan Dart and Phillip Lehman
2017 exploration
After the first expedition to Anjanamba, the team was not only able to confirm that this unpleasant spot discovered last year hides an extraordinary cave system, but they were also able to discover, map and measure over 5km of underwater corridors. That was enough to make Anjanamba the longest underwater cave in Madagascar.
Follow up expedition to continue exploration and measurements of the tremendous tunnels and chambers discovered on the prior mission.
This was the third expedition focused on exploration of Anjanamba cave – and also the first time when the team used Seacraft Future scooters. After two years of exploration, the cave still presented potential for further actions leading to exciting discoveries. New Seacraft DPVs made it easier to continue discoveries in areas that were more distant to the entrance. The team was able to push forward and add next kilometers to this system. After the third Anjanamba expedition, the amount of explored underwater cave system exceeded 10 km of underwater passages, corridors and halls. That made Anjanamba the longest underwater cave in Africa.
The planned exploration was cancelled due to the global pandemic.
Further explorations are planned

Anjanamba Amazing story

The best description of exploration frontiers is the possibility to see it with your own eyes.
Click to watch the most recent story – 2019 exploration featured in Spirits of the Cave 3 movie.

Anjanamba Past explorations

The full story of Anajamba featured in great videos:

Anjanamba Exploration highlights

Anjanamba Exploration team

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