Ghost is a model for professionals, whose high requirements in technical equipment have encouraged them to look for the best DPV available on the market.

The GHOST model was built to exceed the current limits set by other DPV scooters and is a unit of choice of all deep divers. The exceptionally large battery (standard 1500W, extra capacity 2000W) is almost impossible to be discharged even during the longest exploration dives.

Designed for professionals

GHOST is characterized by the highest operation comfort and speed that today is unique to the models used by the military and special forces.

220 m
22,9 kg
>1,6 m/s
31,5 km
700 min

Ghost Features

Ghost Features

Magnetic propulsion

The most unique element of Seacraft construction is its motor which operates directly in the water.

Specially designed and patented solutions allow complete elimination of the drive shaft and the need for unreliable seals and gear transmissions used in other DPVs.

Ghost Features

Easy trimming

Seacraft allows for easy adjustment of weight, in order to trim it for fresh, salt, mixed, or whatever water you need to operate in, accounting personal preferences of diver.

Full one-handed control

Seacraft steering allows using only one hand to control all the options – acceleration, deceleration and motor activation. Either left or right hand can be used for that.

Ghost Features

Post-swirl stator system

Seacraft scooters use innovative stator system, inspired by jet engine construction. It provides zero turning force on the scooter’s handle at all speeds range and increased efficiency of drive system- resulting in ~8% more thrust.

Ghost Features

External charging port

External charging port enables quick charger connection without having to disassemble the entire unit for charging.

Basically, there is no need to open the scooter any more – except for internal trimming. Humidity sensor in electronics chamber additionally allows for easy inspection of DPV’s interior without hull disassembly.

Ghost Features

Burntime display

Remaining burntime is being constantly calculated, taking current gear and engine load into account – enabling a safe realisation of the diving plan.


Ghost in Action


Ghost Specification

Working time at optimal speed:
GHOST BX 1500>525 min. (45m/min)*
GHOST BX 2000>700 min. (45m/min)*
Working time at maximum speed:
GHOST BX 1500>140 min. (gear 9)*
GHOST BX 2000>220 min. (gear 9)*
GHOST BX 150023,6 km*
GHOST BX 200031,5 km*
Maximum static thrust:
GHOST BX 1500340 N
GHOST BX 2000340 N
Maximum speed:
GHOST BX 15001,6 m/s
GHOST BX 20001,6 m/s

* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2x12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for optimal speed

Battery type:
GHOST BX 1500Li-Ion
GHOST BX 2000Li-Ion
Battery capacity:
GHOST BX 15001500 Wh
GHOST BX 20002000 Wh
Maximum battery voltage:
GHOST BX 150037,8 V
GHOST BX 200037,8 V
Minimum battery voltage:
GHOST BX 150026 V
GHOST BX 200026 V
Average time of charging 90%:
GHOST BX 15004 h
GHOST BX 20006 or 3 h**
Average time of charging 100%:
GHOST BX 15005 h
GHOST BX 20007 or 3,5 h**
Charger operating voltage:
GHOST BX 1500230 V / 50Hz / 400 W
GHOST BX 2000230 V / 50 Hz / 400 or 900 W**

** Depending on the order.

GHOST BX 1500360 mm
GHOST BX 2000360 mm
GHOST BX 1500800 mm
GHOST BX 2000800 mm
GHOST BX 1500410 mm
GHOST BX 2000410 mm
Housing diameter:
GHOST BX 1500208 mm
GHOST BX 2000208 mm
Weight without battery and ballast:
GHOST BX 150012 kg
GHOST BX 200012 kg
Weight with battery and fresh water ballast:
GHOST BX 150022,9 kg
GHOST BX 200022,9 kg
Maximum depth:
GHOST BX 1500220 m
GHOST BX 2000220 m
Correct displacement (with adjusted ballast):
GHOST BX 1500Neutral
GHOST BX 2000Neutral
Level / Trim (with adjusted ballast):
GHOST BX 1500Neutral
GHOST BX 2000Neutral
Operating temperature:
GHOST BX 1500-5/+45⁰C***
GHOST BX 2000-5/+45⁰C***
Storage temperature:
GHOST BX 1500-25/+50⁰C
GHOST BX 2000-25/+50⁰C
Temperature while charging:
GHOST BX 1500+10/+40⁰C
GHOST BX 2000+10/+40⁰C

*** At temperatures below 0⁰C, due to properties of lithium cells, the battery capacity and hence the scooter's performance can be significantly reduced. It is reversible process - after raising the temperture of the battery to temperature level above 0⁰C the capacity of the battery returns to the nominal capacity.

Ghost Pricing

Ghost 1500G1043
8800 EUR
Scooter GHOST BX 1500 with power converter1Fp1043
9390 EUR
Ghost 2000G1044
9900 EUR
Scooter GHOST BX 2000 with power converter1Gp1044
10490 EUR

Pricing does not include taxes (VAT) or shipping and packaging. Pricing is valid for the EU countries, and presented in Euro currency. For other countries please contact directly our Dealers or Distributors. Please note that it is presented as indication only.


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