The electronic navigation console ENC3-PRO is a system based on the Seacraft military-grade navigation console platform which allows for multi-waypoint navigation and underwater position adjustment based on a signal from an external GPS receiver.

29 waypoints
22 h
150 m
Military grade navigation available for all divers
Military grade navigation available for all divers

The ENC3-PRO originates from the ENC3-MIL, a navigation system available from 2019 for military and special forces divers.

As it proved to be extremely useful also for regular diving, Seacraft prepared this version as dedicated to civil and scientific users.

Depended of needs the ENC 3-PRO same as other Seacraft’s navigation can be used both assembled on the scooter and without a scooter or with the surveyor tool.

GPS position underwater

GPS position underwater

Underwater, there is no GPS signal reception possible – because all is absorbed by water. This makes underwater navigation much more complicated than typical car navigation and requires devices such as regular ENC3 which use dead-reckoning position calculation.

When the float is used and sent to the surface, the divers’ real position is recalibrated, in order to compensate for possible drift from sea currents and have the real position updated.

Thanks to the version with a buoy and a 3 or 10m cable, GPS position can be obtained without a need to surface.



Modular constructionGPS TYPE B 

Modular constructionGPS TYPE B 

The Electronic Navigation Console ENC3-PRO allows connecting a dedicated external miniature GPS receiver, which can be quickly connected in several ways to the console.

In the version with a short cable and a GPS module mounted directly on the ENC, recalibration can be made each time the diver surfaces, making it ideal for shallow dives, or other tasks.


How does it work?

How does it work?

Underwater, any pre-set target can be chosen, at any moment to navigate to this specific point.

The ENC3-PRO calculates the diver’s position underwater using the same method as the ENC3. When there is no GPS position available, it will use calculated dead-reckoning underwater data as a position source.

When the GPS signal is acquired with sufficient reliability, this position is re-calibrated as the so-called FIX position, and the ENC3-PRO will start further position calculation from this point on.

The diver may follow the pre-planned points one-by-one, or decide (based on the situation) where he wants to navigate.

Route planning  and track visualisation

Route planning and track visualisation

Up to 29 route points can be easily programmed using the freeware PC software. Points positions can be chosen directly on the map,  saved as GPS coordinates, or as azimuth/distance.

Each point can have a short text description that will be displayed on the ENC underwater. During the dive, any pre-set target can be chosen, at any moment to navigate to this specific point. 

After diving, logged tracks may be accessed and reviewed. Multiple export options are available, facilitating processing the tracks for example in Google Earth, GIS programs, or even accessing the raw data as .csv (Excel) format.

All obtained GPS positions are stored in ENC3-PRO memory, allowing detailed archeological or scientific survey.



The miniature GPS type B module receiver provides a lot of installation options and allows for quick and precise position measurements.

The same module may be directly connected to the ENC3-PRO with a 0,1m cable or used with a 3 m, or 10 m long cable and additional buoyancy floats. Changing the cable is very simple and requires no tools.

3 and 10m cables can be easily winded on the dedicated winding holders attached to the DPV.

In the attached picture, you can see FUTURE 1000 with the assembled ENC3-PRO with GPS module float and winded-up 3m cable on winding holders on the scooter.


Depth of start and stop of immersion time counting:
ENC3 - PROOptional: 0.5, 1 or 1.6 m (compatible with the norm EN 13319)
Accuracy of depth measurement:
ENC3 - PRO0.3 m in the whole depth range, temp. range: 0…30°C
Accuracy of ext. log :
ENC3 - PRO<2%*
Accuracy of compass:
ENC3 - PRO<3 degrees*
Possibility of using above the water level :
ENC3 - PROup to 5000 m
Internal storage capacity:
ENC3 - PRO50 routes, 29 programmed waypoints
Included sensors:
ENC3 - PRO3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, pressure sensor, temperature sensor
Satelite positioning:
Data exchange:
ENC3 - PROvia Bluetooth 4.2 and/or via USB cable

* The the measurement accuracy depends on the quality of the calibration and the absence of external interference.

Battery type:
ENC3 - PROBuilt-in Li-ion 3,7 V**
Average time of charging 100%:
ENC3 - PRO<2 h 

** The device can use any 5 V DC power source as charger. When charging, it can consume up to 1 A current.

ENC3 - PRO30,6 mm
ENC3 - PRO95 mm
ENC3 - PRO71 mm
ENC3 - PRO290 g
Maximum depth:
ENC3 - PRO300 m
Tested depth:
ENC3 - PRO350 m 
ENC3 - PRO-90 g 
Operating temperature:
ENC3 - PRO+10 … +45⁰C
Storage temperature:
ENC3 - PRO-20 … +45⁰C
Temperature while charging:
ENC3 - PRO+10 … +40⁰C


Electronic Navigation Console ENC3-PRO - set dedicated for Future DPVsFE1114
3150 EUR
Electronic Navigation Console ENC3-PRO - set dedicated for Ghost DPVsGE1115
3200 EUR
Electronic Navigation Console ENC3-PRO (soft transport case, charging cable, Spare seals set, KIPP screws)E1130
2050 EUR

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