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News | 8.07.2024
New Seacraft Online Trim Calculator

We would like to introduce the new Seacraft Online Trim Calculator dedicated to all Seacraft DPV models. Determining how much weight is needed to add to a perfectly freshwater-trimmed Seacraft...

News | 30.04.2024
Future 800 Air Travel – Additional buoyancy foam

To meet the expectations and listen to the feedback from our current users of Seacraft Future 800 Air Travel DPVs we are pleased to announce that we developed a new upgrade – additional...

News | 10.04.2024
Tow indicator released

We are pleased to introduce to you the Tow indicator dedicated for complex team towing operations used by SOF operators during diving covertly at night and in low visibility. When used to attach...

UDT 2024 London
Location:London, United Kingdom
Product line:Military & Special

Undersea Defence Technology UDT is the largest global event dedicated to undersea defence technology. This year the event will be held in London, United Kingdom. Seacraft Military and Special product...

News | 8.02.2024
New Speed sensor type D

We have the pleasure to introduce to you the new ENC3 speed sensor type D. The developed construction of the new sensor has been designed to allow for more accurate measurement data from ENC3,...

DykMassan 2024
Product line:Recreational

The biggest Scandinavian dive showDykMässan 2024 is coming. The event takes place every year alternately in Stockholm and Gothenburg. For the first time, the DykMässan will take place together with...

Boot Dusseldorf 2024
Product line:Recreational; Military & Special

Boot Düsseldorf – the world’s largest yacht and watersports show is coming. It is one of the biggest diving events where the largest brands in the diving industry come to present their products...

Salon de la Plongee 2024
Location:Paris, France
Product line:Recreational; Military & Special

January 2024 will bring us two great dive events. First, we would have the pleasure to participate in the 25th edition of Salon de la Plongee in Paris. This great French event will be held on 11-14...

News | 8.01.2024
New 4.2 DPV software update

There is a new software update 4.2 for Seacraft Future and Ghost DPVs. This upgrade brings a new important option that can increase the safety of DPV usage in demanding conditions. Charge...

News | 30.11.2023
Diver towing harness realesed

We are pleased to release Diver Towing Harness to our product offer. The basic diver towing harness provides an attachment point for the scooter’s towing harness while operating DPV. The Diver towing...

Dive Expo Belgium 2023
Location:Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Product line:Recreational

Dive-Expo Belgium 2023 is coming. The inaugural edition will be held on 2-3 of December at ’t Bau-Huis in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. The event will be a combination of the conference and exhibition...

DEMA Show 2023
Location:New Orleans
Product line:Recreational

We are hours before another big diving event DEMA Show. This year the great annual diving show in the United States will take place from the 14th to the 17th of November in New Orleans, Louisiana....

International Techmeeting 2023
Location:Bratislava, Slovakia
Product line:Recreational

Lets meet in Slovakia at the 22nd edition of the annual diving conference International Techmeeting 2023. The event is addressed to all technical divers and is a great opportunity to meet and...

EUDI Show 2023
Location:Bologna, Italy
Product line:Recreational

We are pleased to announce our presence at the European Dive Show 2023 Eudi Show in Bologna, Italy. In the past, we were preparing for this exhibition, but due to Covid outbreak, EUDI was cancelled....

Diving Talks 2023
Location:Lisbon, Portugal
Product line:Recreational

Diving talks 2023 the international diving show this year will be held in Lisbon where the world’s leading divers will meet again to talk about diving and their recent achievements. The event similar...

InterDive Friedrichshafen 2023
Location:Friedrichshafen, Germany
Product line:Recreational

The 11th edition of InterDive show is coming. As in previous years, the fair will take place for the 11th time in a row on beautiful Lake Constance and will be held in Messe Friedrichshafen,...

International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO Kielce 2023
Location:Kielce, Poland
Product line:Military & Special

International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce, Poland is the biggest defence exhibition in central and eastern Europe. This year the event will be gend on 5-8 of September. As every year...

News | 4.09.2023
New ROTO camera mount

We are pleased to release a new product ROTO camera mount. The new solution to mount the camera on DPV and allow rotation of the camera on horizontal and vertical angles during the dive. Two...

News | 7.08.2023
Seacraft safety alert – GO! model

Maximum operational depth adjustment The maximum operational depth of GO! has been adjusted to 100m with immediate effect. This adjustment applies to all Seacraft GO! scooters, irrelevant of the...

DRT Show Shanghai 2023
Date:14-16 July 2023
Location:Shanghai, China
Product line:Recreational

Hello from Asia! We are here at DRT SHOW in Shanghai, China. The largest diving expo in Asia is held at World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) from 14th to 16th of July 2023....

News | 13.07.2023
Scooters coupling set – wide platform available for civil users

We are happy to announce a dedicated DPV coupling set with a wide platform that was originally dedicated to Military and Special users is now also available for civil customers. Dedicated...

Cave Camp 2023
Date:9-23 September 2023
Location:Tulum, Mexico
Product line:Recreational

The Cave Camp 2023 is coming, we are now less than three months from the beginning of another edition. The annual event held in Tulum, Mexico unites for two weeks divers, explorers and instructors...

News | 11.07.2023
Seacraft Connect App for iOS available

At the beginning of the year, we released Seacraft Connect App. The application was available only for Android users. Now we are pleased to announce that our development work on the version for iOS...

DEFEA Defence Exhibition Athens 2023
Date:9-11 May 2023
Location:Athens, Greece
Product line:Military & Special

This year Seacraft will be presented for the first time at DEFEA The International Defence & Security Exhibition at the heart of the Mediterranean basin. The event will be held on 9-11 May in...

UDT Rostock 2023
Date:9-11 May 2023
Location:Rostock, Germany
Product line:Military & Special

This year, Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) will be held in Rostock, Germany. Same as last year Seacraft will be present at the event and demonstrate new development from our Military and Special...

Scientific Conference of Underwater Research
Date:13-16 April 2023
Location:Olsztynek, Poland
Product line:Recreational

We have the great pleasure of inviting all interested parties from Poland and not only to attend to Scientific Conference of Underwater Research of which we became one of the honoured partner. The...

News | 5.04.2023
New Universal Scooter Transport Stand

We are pleased to inform you that our wide range of DPV accessories has been enriched with a new Universal scooter transport stand. This universal, lightweight stand weighing just 0,6 kg serves...

News | 6.03.2023
New E/O output twin cable adapter

The external power supply with power converter installation in Seacraft scooters is one of their unique and significant features. With an installed power converter, DPVs may be used as a big...

Go Diving The UK’s dive show 2023
Date:4-5 March 2023
Location:Stoneleigh, United Kingdom
Product line:Recreational

Go Diving – The UK’s only dive show will take place at NAEC Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, United Kingdom. It is an excellent opportunity for all our customers and fans from the United Kingdom...

Seoul International Sports Leisure Industry Show 2023
Date:16-19 February
Location:Seoul, South Korea
Product line:Recreational

The next stop is Seoul, Korea SPOEX Seoul International Sports Leisure Industry Show 2023 is an outstanding show attracting visitors from the domestic and overseas sports and leisure industry every...

News | 19.01.2023
Seacraft Connect App released

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new Seacraft Connect. Download it, and you will be able to configure and set up the parameters of your Seacraft DPV from your smartphone. Now, it is...

Boot Düsseldorf 2023
Date:21-29 January 2023
Location:Düsseldorf, Germany
Product line:Recreational

Boot Düsseldorf returns. After two years break caused by the pandemic covid 19 we will be able to meet you again in person at boot Düsseldorf – one of the biggest boot and watersports industry...

Salon de la Plongee Paris 2022
Date:6-9 January 2023
Location:Paris, France
Product line:Recreational

After a short winter break, we are not slowing down. We will start our 2023 trade show tour from France. Seacraft products will be presented at the 24th edition of the Salon de la Plongee...

Baltictech Conference 2022
Date:26-27 November 2022
Location:Gdynia, Poland
Product line:Recreational, Military & Special

Baltictech Conference is one of the three largest meetings of technical divers in the world The conference is held every two years in Gdynia, Poland and is dedicated to diving issues. In each...

News | 28.10.2022
New Seacraft GO!

We are excited to announce that Secraft’s scooter family has grown. Here comes the new revolutionary scooter Seacraft GO! The Seacraft GO! is a revolution in the segment of compact underwater...

DEMA Show 2022 Orlando
Date:1-4 November 2022
Location:Orlando, USA
Product line:Recreational

On this year, one of the biggest diving show in United States – DEMA Show 2022 will take place in Orlando, Florida. We would like to invite all interested parties to visit our stand and see...

Euronaval 2022
Date:18-21 October 2022
Location:Paris, France
Product line:Military & Special

On the 18-21 of October 2022 Seacraft will participate in Euronaval 2022 exhibition, one of the biggest international trade show applying high technology to naval defense and maritime security and...

DIVING talks Portugal 2022
Date:7-9 October 2022
Location:Troia, Portugal
Product line:Recreational

DIVING talks 2022 is the international diving show that will bring to Portugal the world’s leading divers and host a range of exhibitors from the global diving industry. Seacraft will be present...

SEECAT 2022 Tokyo
Date:5-7 October 2022
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Product line:Military & Special

On the 5-7 of October in Tokyo, Seacraft will exhibit on The Special Equipment Exhibition and Conference on Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT). Is one of the biggest and most popular business trade show to...

OZTek and OZDive Show 2022
Date:1-2 October 2022
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Product line:Recreational

There is no better way to start the Australian diving season than OZTek and OZDive Show ’22 which will be held at the Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre on 1-2 October 2022. After two...

News | 26.09.2022
DPC – 4th generation Diver Propulsion Craft

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the development and testing work on another innovative project: DPV – 4th generation Diver Propulsion Craft. It was designed specifically for...

News | 14.09.2022
ENC3-PRO released

We are pleased to release ENC3-PRO – navigation system based on the ENC3 console platform, which allows for multi-waypoint navigation, and underwater position adjustment based on a signal...

News | 14.09.2022
Military Concession

We are pleased to annouce that Marine Tech SA holds the Military Concession B-056/2022 for the use of economic activity in the field of manufacturing and trading of products and technology for...

News | 26.08.2022
The Surveyor ‐ line measurement tool for ENC3

We are pleased to announce that our range offer of accessories for the ENC3 navigation console has been extended by the Surveyor. The tool combined with the ENC3 navigation console is...

International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2022
Date:6-9 September 2023
Location:Kielce, Poland
Product line:Military & Special

The jubilee XXX International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO held in Kielce, Poland is the biggest defense exhibition in central and eastern Europe. It’s a unique chance to see the...

News | 27.07.2022
Scooter Future Air-Travel 600 / 800

To meet the expectations of our customers and the high interest for our new modular air-travel battery, we are extending our current range of Future scooter product lines and enabling the purchase of...

News | 11.07.2022
The 4.0 Software released

The 4.0 software for Seacraft FUTURE and GHOST scooters has been officially released. The new operation mode simplifies setting the DPV parameters, as scooter triggers can be used as menu controls,...

News | 22.06.2022
Modular air-travel friendly battery

We have the pleasure to introduce our new Modular, Air-Travel Friendly Battery. Our new solution comprises a battery consisting of 6 or 8 segments, each of them with 97 Wh, which...

UDT Rotterdam 2022
Date:7-9 June 2022
Location:Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Product line:Military & Special

On the 7-9 of June, Seacraft will exhibit at Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) show. It is the largest global event dedicated to the undersea defence industry, and we are happy to present our newest...

News | 14.02.2022
Scooters coupling platform

Scooters coupling platform We are happy to announce a  dedicated DPV coupling platform that connects two Seacraft scooters. Enjoy more power, highly increased maximum speed, and driving range...

Boot Düsseldorf 2022 – cancelled
Date:22-30 January 2021
Location:Düsseldorf, Niemcy
Product line:Recreational

The biggest diving show in Europe had traditionally been a meeting time and place for Seacraft. Unfortunately this year we will not attend, due to the high restriction level introduced by the...

News | 12.09.2021
New support portal

New support portal We are happy to present our new Support website– dedicated to supporting Seacraft users. Inside, you can find: FAQ online trim calculator which helps to find a perfect...

MSPO International Defense Industry Exhibition 2021
Date:7-10 September 2023
Location:Kielce, Poland
Product line:Military & Special

MSPO International Saloon of Defence Industries, held in Kielce, Poland is the most important defence meeting in Poland. Seacraft is exhibiting in cooperation with Polish Naval Academy....

News | 18.05.2021
Longest cave in Africa

Longest cave in Africa We are gradually adding past adventures of Seacraft Ambassadors to our website. We are happy to share recent Patrick Widmann and team progress, possible highly due to Seacraft...

News | 22.04.2021
Silent waters deserve your respect

Silent waters deserve your respect Limited special offer- from 22.04 to 31.05.2021, Seacraft helps with an easy exchange of your loud, old scooter- to state of art Seacraft. Read more about promotion...

News | 17.04.2021
SLS – Seacraft Light System

Seacraft always supported ligthing systems placement on the scooter. Since factory’s home water’s are dark, cold and murky- it was primarly a matter of our need. As diver’s and...

News | 22.01.2021
New software for ENC available

Navigation and mapping had never been easier We are happy to release new software for Seacraft ENC series, introducing multiple new functionalities- as, automatic movement detecion, enhanced compass...

News | 14.12.2020
E/O power outlet official release

We are happy to announce that our E/O power outlet is now officially released. Along with it, a series of new upgrades- as hermetic charging port– is also available. You can find all...

News | 23.07.2020
New Seacraft website

We are happy to share good news with you- and announce our long awaited, new website. It’s content will be gradually filled with article about our equipment usage, project and expeditions data,...

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