Invention is just a beginning
Invention is just a beginning

A bold idea to design a DPV from scratch- and design it in the way eliminating all of the flaws of standard constructions- having engine inside of the body- took minutes. Process to make it happen, build  a prototype, test it- was a bit longer, and took 3 major prototypes generations and 4 years of work.

In that process, Seacraft engineers succesfully created a unique and amazing propulsion system- with engine working directly in the water, protected by international patents.

Seacraft means Innovation

It is not about just building a bigger machine, to improve the overall performance.

Changing the way of thinking to solve a common problem is a real challenge- but to make a real difference, sometimes a complete  re-thinking process is required. That’s how real innovations are born.

Never stop improving

If you stop development- it’s like getting backwards in nowaday’s world, where new integrated circuits are released frequently, and technology is simply running forward.

That’s why we are constantly using newest tools to analyze our systems, and whenever possible- improve them, or use more durable/ smaller/ lighter compounds.

Keeping this process safe to the product- to not “improve for worse” is not easy, and our engineering team is carefully assessing chosen possible improvements, and we are real-life testing them before implementation to our products.

About one thing you can be sure- it is not our last word in product development. And with all novelties- one of our rules it to whenever possible, keep them back-compatibile with standard Seacraft product.

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