Features that make the difference

What features are Seacraft scooters providing? It is a series of unique solutions, designed and developed to create a DPV truly engineered in XXI century standards.

Features that make the difference

Magnetic propulsion

The most unique element of Seacraft construction is its motor which operates directly in the water.

Specially designed and patented solutions allow complete elimination of the drive shaft and the need for unreliable seals and gear transmissions used in other DPVs.

Features that make the difference

Post-swirl stator system

Seacraft scooters use innovative stator system, inspired by jet engine construction. It provides zero turning force on the scooter’s handle at all speeds range and increased efficiency of drive system- resulting in ~8% more thrust.

Features that make the difference

Airfoil shaped propeller

Seacraft designed a unique propeller adjusted for the diver’s load and speeds- which are much different than regular boat operations. Airfoil shape allows to not only push the water away, but act as aeroplane wing – what gives great work efficiency, and high force also on lower RPM levels.

Dual steering handle

Two handles, and two triggers. This makes hands switching on the DPV very intuitive- and can be easily done also on full speed.


Features that make the difference

Burntime display

Remaining burntime is being constantly calculated, taking current gear and engine load into account – enabling a safe realisation of the diving plan.


Features that make the difference


All innovative solutions allows to provide lightest equipment in it’s class. With ready-to-dive Future1000 being just 15,9kg, it is lightest scooter with such performance on the market.

Features that make the difference

Battery management system

Seacraft manufactures dedicated DPV battery managment system- which is perfectly designed to take special care about one of the most expensive DPV elements, providing it’s long and reliable work.

Features that make the difference

BLAC steering

BLAC shortcuts for BrushLess Alternating Current, and it is the most efficient way of controlling electric motor.


A special Seacraft gear- “+”, with unique operation. In constant RPM mode, it allows to gradually accelerate the user to maximum possible speed, using the benefit of increased nozzle work, and dynamic resistance decreasing with faster water flow.

Double tap

Two fast clicks on opposite trigger- when running the DPV- will switch the gear to 9, allowing to quickly catch up with the partner. Another two clicks, return to previous cruising speed.

Easy propeller removal

In case of entanglement underwater, propeller can be easily removed underwater. No tools, no screwing, simply- pull it away! As it is held in place by magnetic force, reassembly is also trival.

Features that make the difference

Easy trimming

Seacraft allows for easy adjustment of weight, in order to trim it for fresh, salt, mixed, or whatever water you need to operate in, accounting personal preferences of diver.

Features that make the difference

External charging port

External charging port enables quick charger connection without having to disassemble the entire unit for charging.

Basically, there is no need to open the scooter any more – except for internal trimming. Humidity sensor in electronics chamber additionally allows for easy inspection of DPV’s interior without hull disassembly.

Features that make the difference

Extreme Efficiency

Secraft is extremely well optimized for work efficiency. This means, that it drains drastically less energy to propel a diver, than than other construction. Tests proven that it can be even 50% less power used for the same load, compared with popular brands constructions.


Full one-handed control

Seacraft steering allows using only one hand to control all the options – acceleration, deceleration and motor activation. Either left or right hand can be used for that.

Features that make the difference

Handle up position

Seacraft batteries are built with assymetric cell’s mass distribution- with it’s concentration on the DPV’s bottom. This ensures it’s up-right position, and easy access to handles- as they are always in intuitive position.

Increased scoter’s stability while driving is another benefit from this solution.

Features that make the difference

Li-Ion power

Lithium- Ion batteries revolutionized DPV world, allowing to condense electric power source in much smaller and lighter size compared to old Ni-Mh, and lead-acid technologies.

Due to extreme power, it requires well designed and executed construction. Seacraft manufactures batteries in own facility using a highest quality single cells, and modern technology. Single battery packs are welded with thick  plates what provides great mechanical strength, and reliable work even with high load for extended time.

Features that make the difference

Low-magnetic zone

Due to the engine located outside of the scooter’s hull- it’s magnetic influence on assembled devices (as for example, compass or ENC console) is very low.

Features that make the difference

Master switch

There is only one switch in Seacraft scooters- located in the middle of the unit. It effectively cuts out all unit operation, being a safety “kill” switch. It’s non-contact construction ensures no hull penetration point, and reliable work.

Onboard computer

Built-in computer allows for full, continuous and current control of all operating parameters. Scooter has a colour display, ewith of all important user data as:  battery status, enabled gear, work time, power consumption, battery voltage, RPM, even temperature and humidity in the electronics chamber.

There is also an estimated remaining runtime calculation, what allows to better prepare, plan and execute dives.

Features that make the difference

Scooter history

Real trigger time says a lot about DPV usage. Now- the unit’s history can be easily accessed in order to plan maintenance, or to prove it’s real usage when selling on after-market.

Time lock

Time lock is a unique Seacraft safety feature. To protect from uncontrolled scooter activation, after user pre-defined time- 3-60s, unit returns automatically to zero gear.

Features that make the difference

User customization menu

All of the scooter’s features can be customized in the built-in user accessible settings menu. Useful functionalities- as maximum power limiting, engine modes choice, and functionalities customization can be accessed even underwater.

Features that make the difference

Sealed Battery

To provide maximum safety, Seacraft batteries are sealed- in order to prevent any splashes/ moisture to affect it’s systems. Also, this solution provides that in case of minor floodings, there is much lower risk of partial battery damage.

Features that make the difference

Silent drive

Silence… it what we look for underwater. Seacraft is most silent DPV on the market- with virtually no sound generated, thanks to transmission-less, and shaft-less construction.


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