Record:Rebreather world depth record / Deepest dive in the history with a DPV / Fresh water dive world record - 316m depth
Location:Italy, Garda lake
Holder:Jarek Macedoński

On 10.10.2018, Jarek Macedoński made a dive to 316m depth in Garda Lake. It was a very special immersion- as simulatnously, three world records were broken: CCR deepest dive, deepest dive with a DPV, and deepest fresh-water dive.

Descent using Ghost1500 scooter took only 13 minutes, and the total dive time was 10 hours.

Preparations to this record dive took many attempts to increasing depths, using a very non-conventional approach- solo dives with a DPV. What Jarek says himself about this concept:


The idea, from the very beginning was associated exclusively with the use of a scooter. The purpose of the dive was to promote scooters for such dives. Showing that you can drive up to the shore of the lake and just dive in. The costs are lower, you do not need a boat, additional security and logistics elements, which are, for example, necessary for deep dives near the rope.

I wanted to show that deep diving can be easier, more pleasant … with simplified logistics. All you need is a good scooter, minimal surface support plus 1-2 diving people who will secure shallow decompression stops, ask if everything is ok, if anything is needed, they will bring some liquids for hydration. Everyone can borrow a scooter (DPV) and dive below 100m – quick immersion and ascent to the first stop. When driving with a scooter on a slope, you can easily achieve a similar vertical descent speed, as you submerge by the descent rope. In contrast, security is much greater. In the event of problems, falling down the slope gives the diver both a sense of comfort and a real reduction of possible threats.

The most important is the immersion speed. The scooter enables more efficient diving. For me, efficiency means submerging as quickly as possible, maximally minimizing exposure at a great depth, emerging as quickly as possible to the first stop, so that the entire dives last as short as possible. I think 90% of divers are drawn to depth. It is easier to make depth in open waters than in a cave to make a distance.

I really like to go to the Italian lake Garda and the Austrian Attersee. Both waters allow me to make depth, in my way – from the bank using a scooter. This form suits me best, I am independent of others.


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