Double the power

Double the power

A dedicated DPV coupling platform allows connecting two Seacraft scooters together. The primary reasons to combine them are:

  • more power – two propellers double the thrust and provide a very powerful towing system
  • highly increased maximum speed (even 120m/min)
  • significantly increased driving range
  • simultaneous control and monitoring over two scooters
Transport  extended capability

Transport extended capability

Dedicated coupling sets with wide platforms allow tp connection of two separate DPVs to not only gain more power but allow to use of the extended capability of a wide platform for cargo and equipment transport, especially for long cave dive explorations.

  • almost limitless options to transport additional tanks, batteries, hard and soft dry containers, rebreathers, big photo/video rigs, and other equipment
  • construction of the platform provides multi-options for attaching external equipment attached points on front and back of the platform frame in example large camera dimensions or navigation systems
  • fewer items needed to be attached/towed by the diver – especially backup scooter, as scooters forming the platform can be momentarily disconnected
  • due to positive lift in the platform buoyancy tubes, (+290g each tube) the whole set-up can be simply trimmed in the water
Quick coupling  fast and reliable

Quick coupling fast and reliable

A patented connection system allows to combine the DPVs in a moment – simply by pushing them together. Disconnecting is easy, even when using thick cold-water gloves. The platform itself is a separate element, simplifying activities such as trimming and transporting additional equipment attached to it.

The coupling set with the wide platform is dedicated to Seacraft Future and Ghost DPVs and other scooters with 160 and 208 mm diameter dedicated transport brackets.

Coupling platform A closer look


The coupling platform is attached to the DPVs’ transport brackets, with attached patented quick coupling connectors.

Depending on the used brackets, their parameters will vary. Parameters of the platform itself:

Scooters coupling set - wide platform
Scooters coupling set - wide platform29 cm
Scooters coupling set - wide platform45,5 cm
Scooters coupling set - wide platform8,3 cm
Housing diameter:
Scooters coupling set - wide platformeach buayancy tube diameter - 50mm
Scooters coupling set - wide platform1,10kg
Scooters coupling set - wide platform
Maximum depth:
Scooters coupling set - wide platform300m
Tested depth:
Scooters coupling set - wide platform350m
Scooters coupling set - wide platformPlatform buoyancy, with emply floats = +1,6kg in fresh water
Scooters coupling set - wide platformDelrin and stainless steel

Internal volume (fillable with water) of each float = 0,5l




FUTURE scooters coupling set - wide platformTF1800
1860 EUR
GHOST scooters coupling set - wide platformTG1800
2620 EUR
Scooters coupling platform - wide (dedicated to FUTURE and GHOST scooters) with adjustable buoyancy floatsTU1000
1 660 EUR
Coupling connector's set - front and rear - 1 pieceTU1158
90 EUR
Multipurpose transport bracket fi 160mmF1057
60 EUR
Aluminum transport bracket fi 208mm (dedicated to GHOST scooters) with coupling system attachment pointsG1057
260 EUR

Pricing does not include taxes (VAT) or shipping and packaging. Pricing is valid for the EU countries, and presented in Euro currency. For other countries please contact directly our Dealers or Distributors. Please note that it is presented as indication only.


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