DPC – 4th generation Diver Propulsion Craft

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the development and testing work on another innovative project: DPV – 4th generation Diver Propulsion Craft. It was designed specifically for long-range, fast transport of teams and payloads.

DPC – Diver Propulsion Craft is a development project that started in 2018 and went through several conceptual stages and a very large number of intensive trials and tests in difficult natural conditions. In the 4th generation of the DPC, an unusually large static thrust of over 1300 N (over 132 kg) was achieved.

DPC IV will be available for sale from 2023. To arrange a product testing, presentation or pre-order, please contact us at office@seacraft.eu

To learn more about DPC, please visit our website:

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