New 4.2 DPV software update

There is a new software update 4.2 for Seacraft Future and Ghost DPVs. This upgrade brings a new important option that can increase the safety of DPV usage in demanding conditions.

Charge menu on/off – The new function implemented in the software allows users to disable the charge menu alert that locks the DPV operation with the connected charger by default. In case of minor flooding of charging port, and short-circuiting the charging pins, DPV may detect connected charger and lock from operating.

With Charge Menu OFF, operating of DPV is possible eve with fully flooded charging port. (charging port will get damaged in contact with water).

This new crucial function especially for advanced users in deep explorations allows you to switch that safety function and you will be sure that your DPV will not be affected by any unexpected stop in case a water drop appears in the charging socket.

Please note that switching OFF the charge menu function is recommended only for advnaced users, fully understanding this functionality.

The 4.2 software update will be installed in all newly purchased scooters. For customers who have scooters with software older version, the update will be available at authorized Seacraft service points.

An update to the 4.2 version is not mandatory. You can still use your scooters with older versions of software without any issues, however, we recommend updating your software with your annual service inspection.

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