Speed sensor for ENC3

Seacraft speed sensor is connected to the ENC console, to allow for precise navigation. It operates by simple principle of counting rotations, caused by moving water. To achieve precise measurements, keep to the manufacturer’s recommendations about mounting and assembly.

Seacraft developed multiple speed log types, for different applications.

Speed sensor type D

Speed sensor type D

Seacraft speed sensor type D is the new design and construction of the speed sensor that allows for more accurate measurement data from ENC3, especially with the slowest speed.

Speed sensor type D is the dedicated solution to ENC3 navigation console sets and allows easy assembly on Seacraft DPV models on transport brackets or navigation platforms.

Speed sensor vertical version - type B

Speed sensor vertical version - type B

Vertical version speed sensor type B for ENC3 console is dedicated and compatible with mounting on Seacraft universal transport bracket which can be used and allowing it to adapt it for any other than Seacraft DPVs.

Foldable construction ensures safe transportation, and the “sport camera” mount design allows for easy integration into any propulsion system. Speed sensor type B has been also used for the older version of the Seacraft ENC2 navigation console.

Speed sensor compact - type C

Speed sensor compact - type C

The compact version of the speed log is dedicated to being assembled on the Seacraft transport bracket – minimising the number of brackets that need to be mounted on the DPV.

The speed sensor type C is used often by cave divers, where the sensor’s folding from the impact may influence for example cave passage mapping.

Speed sensor type DE1060
349 EUR
Electronic Navigation Console ENC3 speed sensor type B (vertical arm)E1081
349 EUR
Electronic Navigation Console ENC3 speed sensor type C (compact)E1082
399 EUR

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