MOBY professional camera mount

MOBY professional camera mount

Moby by Carbonarm is a professional fully de-attachable, and rotatable mount for big cameras.

It is mounted on 2x standard Seacraft transport brackets what allows for usage of big dome-ports, and wide-angle lenses keeping the camera operational- close to the diver, and not needing to crop-out the DPV’s nose recorded in the extreme wide camera field of vision.

Due to the quick-release system, the camera can be passed separately dorm and to the boat/ shore support.



Tool for proffesional videographers

Compact, solid, and versatile. Shooting from a fast DPV brings a whole new perspective, and allows for much more dynamics recorded in usually static – underwater videos.



Purchasing guide

Purchasing guide

As every Seacraft user already have one, or more transport brackets- please mind during ordering:

  • MOBY mount is delivered without any brackets
  • In case of need to order one/two brackets more, we recommend POM ones- as lighter, and fully suitable for the additional accesory mounting. Keep in mind that they need to be ordered separatelly
  • The “tank strap” adapters are not included- the can be ordered separatelly.
Carbonarm MOBY professional camera base, attached to 2 transport bracketsU1070
300 EUR
Transport bracket Φ 160mmF1053
50 EUR
Multipurpose Transport bracket Φ 160mmF1057
60 EUR
Transport bracket Φ 208mmG1054
120 EUR

Pricing does not include taxes (VAT) or shipping and packaging. Pricing is valid for the EU countries, and presented in Euro currency. For other countries please contact directly our Dealers or Distributors. Please note that it is presented as indication only.


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MOBY camera mount Support

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