Is an extremely lightweight and powerful unit. Weighing just 15,75 kg is widely used where mobility and speed of reaction are crucial. Despite the very compact size, its range and speed are superior to most other, bigger scooters.

Available as DPV only, or in sets with ENC3M, packed in a dedicated aluminum transport box.

Set includes

Li-Ion Battery
1000 Wh
Aluminium transport bracket
fi 160 mm
Universal sports
 camera mount
attached to the control module
Internal scooter 
basic module
Trimming weight
65g – 2 additional pieces
Trimming weight
200g – 3 additional pieces
Scooter harness
1,8m with carabiners
and two adjustment plates
Spare parts
set of seals and grease
 for seals
Service tools
basic module

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