Sara’s diving career started when she was 15 years old in Mexico, where she discovered that scuba could extend her stay underwater. The diving continued in Sweden where she had to adapt to much colder waters and more gear. Inspired by the cenotes, she knew she wanted to see and explore things no one had seen before.

15 years later, Sara enjoys visiting mines and caves all over the world as well as wrecks. The feeling of being weightless is one of the best things about diving. From the wrecks of Scapa Flow and Shetland, to the sea caves of Faroe to the mines of Germany there are many wondrous things to see. Sara shares the joy of cold water and rebreather diving, and the idea that if she can do it, you can do it too. For those who do not join her in the water she posts underwater videos from her dives to inspire others. Representation and diversity in diving is one of the questions close to her heart, as is leading by example.

Sara is one-third of ‘The Cavettes’, an international team of female cave and CCR divers spreading encouragement and inspiration to fellow divers in the community and a Mares technical diving ambassador.



She is a podcaster for, a Scandinavian dive community page and podcast writing articles and interviewing guests, as well as a product tester for different brands focusing on cold water gear. She has also done work as a safety diver for different underwater filming projects.

Beyond scuba diving, Sara works as a Senior Solution Architect, with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science and a Master’s in Toxicology, now focusing on machine learning and container technology at Red Hat. She is a SSI Open Water Instructor in Stockholm where she spreads her knowledge and experience to new divers.

In addition, she is a rEvo rebreather instructor, sharing her expertise in this area and training new people who want to do rebreather diving and is actively involved in cave exploration projects and is a full CCR (Closed-Circuit Rebreather) cave and trimix CCR diver.

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