Project type:Cave explorations
nationality:Swedish, Belgium, Polish,

The Cavettes, composed of Joanna Wyrebek, Sara Banderby, and Sanne Volja, serendipitously found each other during the pandemic, bonding over their shared passion for CCR diving and cave/mine exploration. Fueled by their love for underwater adventures, they embark on journeys together, exploring caves and mines and undertaking exploration projects. They aim to inspire fellow divers to delve into the exhilarating realms of cave and CCR diving while also educating and training new generations of divers.

Why Seacraft

Why Seacraft

The Seacraft stands out for its powerful performance, lightweight design, travel-friendly features, and exceptional control over all its components, making it the clear preference for exploration and overhead diving. The DPV’s reliability, versatility, and smooth operation, along with its ease of service underwater, were thoroughly tested and proven during Project Sjovarmali, demonstrating that the DPV was more than capable of meeting the challenge.


The Cavettes Projects

Tuna Hästberg, Sweden
Belgium mines
Project Sjóvarmáli, Faroe Island

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