The external power supply with power converter installation in Seacraft scooters is one of their unique and significant features. With an installed power converter, DPVs may be used as a big battery pack for powering external devices. A dedicated E/O power output cable (twin or single) may be used for personal heating systems, lighting or for powering other external 12 V devices.

To meet your expectations, we have developed a new E/O output twin cable adapter. Now, you do not need to choose between heating or lighting connected to the DPV, since the new twin cord allows to connect both.

Using the E/O twin cord allows for connecting personal heating systems in cold water and at the same time powering the Seacraft Light System SLS2 or another external 12 V device.

But this is not all: Using the E/O Twin Cable Adapter allows for setting up 2 external loads e.g. 2 heating systems or 2 sets of lights for even better lighting of caves or mines.

To learn more about the power converter and the new E/O Output – twin cable adapter please visit: 

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