Power converter  Big battery pack - use it as you want

Power converter Big battery pack - use it as you want

The installation of a power converter to power external loads is another unique and significant feature of Seacraft scooters. With an installed power converter, DPVs may be used as a big battery pack for powering external devices. A dedicated E/O power output cable (twin or single) may be used for personal heating systems in cold water. Especially during long and deep dives, this also helps to stay warm during long decompression phases.

The personal heating system is not only one advantage of a power converter in Seacraft scooters, also a dedicated lighting system SLS2 and any other 12 V E/O-based light system may be connected and controlled directly from the Seacraft scooter’s control display.

With the E/O power output twin cable adapter, 2 loads may be connected to the scooter at the same time. Moreover, the E/O power output is fully steered via the DPV control display panel, in order to select the power level, turn it ON/OFF, and monitor the remaining battery %, consumed power (in Watts), and calculation of remaining time to use (taking into account both E/O power intake and DPV motor operation).

Full control  of your power

Full control of your power

With the dedicated software, you can see exactly how long a connected system can work with chosen power. Seacraft E/O output is dedicated specially for heating systems – thus we created a special voltage – output regulation system.

How does it work?

  • On gear 0, hold two triggers for 3 s, to activate the power outlet menu
  • Choose desired power, or set it on OFF, using Seacraft piezo gear buttons
  • A short press on any button reverts to a normal driving screen. You can now drive and use E/O powered device simultaneously.
  • Switching to the monitoring screen (short press on two triggers, on any gear) allows observing now what is set voltage of the outlet, and how much power is drawn from the DPV battery.
Track  your output
Track your output

During the dive, you may choose between 5 levels of voltage output, tuned to correspond with 20 %, 40 %, 60 %, 80 % and 100 % heating power of 12 V systems. It corresponds with voltage steps of 6.0 V, 7.5 V, 9.4 V,  10,7 V, 12 V.

In case of using a lighting system- a 12 V output allows for connecting most of 14,4 V and 11,1 V light heads. The maximum power allowed from the output is 150 W.

Safe hermetic connection

Safe hermetic connection

In order to improve overall safety, and even in case of cable failure, Seacraft decided to design and develop a hermetic charging port connector.

The new connector is waterproof – even without a closed charging socket cap – up to 11 bar (100 m), and secures the unit from the possibility of flooding by the operator’s inadvertence.

E/O cord adapter is connected there, with a compatible connector standard. When connected, the E/O cable adapter is waterproof up to more than 300 m depth.

To learn more about hermetic charging socket please click here.


Depending on the diver’s need, Secraft provides a dedicated E/O  twin and single cable adapter. The twin cable allows for connecting of personal heating and lighting at the same time, while the single cable supports only one load.

On request, we can customize and prepare a solution for other cable solutions to  external devices operated on 6-12 V with a maximum power drain of 150 W.



Compability and installation

The power converter with E/O outlet may be purchased with the scooters in a dedicated set or installed separately for scooters that have been purchased without a power converter.

Seacraft power outlet requires an internal power converter to be installed in the electronic chamber. At the moment, this operation is performed only in the Seacraft factory and by authorized service points.

The power outlet can be added to Seacraft FUTURE and GHOST scooter which is model 2020 – which means, that its serial number is higher than #128.

These units’ electronic board was designed to allow for E/O outlet installation.

In order to have a power outlet in Your scooter, there are the following proceeding ways:

  • For new scooter ordering- notify your dealer that you would like to have an E/O outlet installed in the factory. It will be assembled- with an additional surcharge.
  • For upgrades of existing Seacraft scooters:
  1. Check if your scooters S/N is higher than 128. Only scooters above #128 are possible to have E/O outlet installed.
  2. Contact Seacraft, or your dealer.
  3. In order to add a power outlet, you need to upgrade also your charging port, and charger connector- don’t forget to include a charger with DPV delivered for an upgrade.
  4. As a hermetic charging port requires a shorter charging port cap- check if your cap has an original hole in it. This means that it will be compatible with the hermetic charging port. If not- a new one, or existing one modification is needed.

I have a Seacraft scooter S/N 159. What i need to do to have a heating system outlet?

You need to install first a hermetic charging port, and change the charger connector for compatibile one. Afterwards, power converter can be integrated into your scooter’s electronic plate, and software updated for one able to steer with power output. (v3.0)

If your charging socket cap is too long- or it need to be shortened by Seacraft service, or a new cap is to be used.

You can check this in a simple way- if Your charging cap has a factory-made hole in it (for a piece of line) it is a good one, and do not need to be changed.

After this conversion, any time you need a power output- simply screw-in E/O cable adapter. Scooter can be also used without it- closed with charging port plug.



Power converter installationD1020
700 EUR
Power converter installation with E/O output - single cable adapterD1001
960 EUR
Power converter installation with E/O output - twin cable adapterD1010
1 090 EUR
E/O output - single cable adapter (70 cm)U1093
260 EUR
E/O output - twin cable adapter (2 x 70 cm)U1010
390 EUR

Pricing does not include taxes (VAT) or shipping and packaging. Pricing is valid for the EU countries, and presented in Euro currency. For other countries please contact directly our Dealers or Distributors. Please note that it is presented as indication only.


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