ENC2 is a predecessor of ENC3

ENC2 is a predecessor of ENC3

ENC2 is a predecessor of ENC3 and is currently not available for purchase.

Here you can find support for ENC2 and information about differences between both versions.

ENC3 improvements compared to ENC2:

  • ENC3 has a new, redesigned amagnetic connector based on proven gold-pins. Much easier for attaching and more reliable connection, both for charging and speed log.
  • USB connectivity is now available – if there are big track files, they can be downloaded much faster.
  • Improved self-discharge – much lower stand by power intake.
  • Slightly better IMU module which gives further compass precision improvement.
  • Improved screen brightness settings in “high” mode- approximately 10% higher brightness possibility for full-sun operation.
  • ENC3 connecting socket is sealed, that in case of forgetting to connect a speed log- device should not be flooded. This means that ENC3 socket is hermetic up to 2-3 bar- however, only as additional precaution, and any water entering this way may irreversibly damage the connector pins.

Available spares

Electronic Navigation Console ENC2 speed sensorE1073
324 EUR
Electronic Navigation Console ENC2 speed sensor- compact/cave versionE1173
340 EUR
Spare seals set for ENC2E1075
14 EUR
Charging port plug for ENC2E1076
25 EUR
Charging cable for ENC2E1077
30 EUR

Pricing does not include taxes (VAT) or shipping and packaging. Pricing is valid for the EU countries, and presented in Euro currency. For other countries please contact directly our Dealers or Distributors. Please note that it is presented as indication only.


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