Scooters coupling platform

Scooters coupling platform

We are happy to announce a  dedicated DPV coupling platform that connects two Seacraft scooters. Enjoy more power, highly increased maximum speed, and driving range for a more extensive travel and load capacity.

Why should I connect two DPVs?

  • to gain more power – two propellers double the thrust and provide a very powerful towing system
  • to highly increase maximum speed (even 120m/min)
  • for significantly increasing driving range
  • to simultaneous control and monitoring over two scooters
Seacraft underwater scooter coupling platform.

Connecting platform shape facilitates round objects attachment (such as tanks) in the center. With water-fillable buoyancy tubes, connecting and in-water trimming the system has never been easier.

A patented connection system allows combining the DPVs in a moment – simply by pushing them together. For all the details, check our product section.

Xavier Méniscus – world depth record man trying his new Twin Seacraft DPV, with the ENC 2 navigation console.


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