Scooter Future Air-Travel 600 / 800

To meet the expectations of our customers and the high interest for our new modular air-travel battery, we are extending our current range of Future scooter product lines and enabling the purchase of them with a dedicated air-travel battery.

Future Air-Travel 600 / 800  are available in sets with a dedicated air-travel battery 582 Wh (6 x 97 Wh) or 780 Wh (8 x 97 Wh) which allows it to be transported by air in hand luggage.

Future Air-Travel 600/800 set includes:

  • Modular air-travel friendly battery – 582 Wh  (6 modules) / 780 Wh (8 modules)
  • Charger 240W 9S LiIon dedicated to FUTURE / GHOST scooters – hermetic charging port connector
  • Transport bracket fi 160mm
  • Universal sports camera mount, attached to the control module
  • Trimming weight 65g –  additional 3 pieces
  • Trimming weight 200g – additional 2 pieces
  • Scooter harness 1,8m with carabiner and two tensioners
  • Spare parts set for FUTURE –  set of seals, grease for seals, grease for engine, spare buttons
  • Service key

To find out more about the Future Air-Travel 600 / 800 please visit:

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