Technical data

Li-Ion Battery :
Working time at optimal speed (45m/min)*:
Working time at maximum speed (gear 9)*:
Maximum static thrust:
Maximum speed*:
1500 Wh / 2000 Wh
>525 min. / >700 min.
>140 min. / >220 min.
>23,6 km / >31,5 km km
>340N / >340 N
>1,6 m/s / >1,6 m/s

* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2x12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for optimal speed
Battery Li-Ion capacity:
Nominal battery voltage:
Maximum battery voltage (after charging):
Minimum battery voltage (after discharging):
Average time of charging 90%:
Average time of charging 100%:
Charger operating voltage :
1500 Wh / 2000 Wh
32,4 V / 32,4 V
37,8 V / 37,8 V
26 V / 26 V
4 h / 6 or 3 h
5 h / 7 or 3,5 h
230 V, 50Hz, 400W / 230 V, 50 Hz, 400 or 900 W**

** Depending on the order.
Dimensions in milimeters:
Housing diameter:
Weight without battery and ballast:
Weight with battery and fresh water ballast:
800x360x410 / 800x360x410
208 mm / 208 mm
12 kg / 12 kg
22,9 kg / 22,9 kg
Maximum depth:
Tested depth:
Correct displacement (with adjusted ballast):
Level/Trim (with adjusted ballast): Scooter operating temperature***:
Scooter storage temperature:
Temperature while charging:
220 m / 220 m
300 m / 300 m
Neutral / Neutral
Neutral / Neutral
-5/+45⁰C / -5/+45⁰C
-25/+50⁰C / -25/+50⁰C
+10/+40⁰C / +10/+40⁰C

*** At temperatures below 0⁰C, due to properties of lithium cells, the battery capacity and hence the scooter's performance can be significantly reduced. It is reversible process - after raising the temperture of the battery to temperature level above 0⁰C the capacity of the battery returns to the nominal capacity
Set includes:
Battery dedicated to scooter GHOST standard 1500 Wh; long 2000 Wh
Charger 240W, 400W, 900W dedicated to FUTURE & GHOST scooters
POM transport bracket fi 208
Universal sports camera mount, attached to the control module
Internal scooter ballast – basic module – for all SEACRAFT models
Trimming weight 62g – 3 additional pieces
Trimming weight 182g – 3 additional pieces
Scooter harness 1,8m with carabiners and two adjustment plates
Spare parts set for GHOST – set of seals and grease for seals
Service tools
8250 EUR netto* (taxes excluded)
9350 EUR netto* (taxes excluded)

Pricing does not include taxes (VAT) or shipping and packaging
Pricing is valid for the EU countries.
For other countries please contact directly our Dealers or Distributors.
**Please note that all pricing is in Euros** You must convert the Euro pricing we provide to your local or federal currency.

We can deliver everywhere by carrier.
International shipping is by airfreight or land carrier using the most reasonably priced company. You may request a shipping and packing quote via our website.

Discover Seacraft


The Seacraft DPV uses modern technological solutions and the best construction materials to appeal to the most demanding divers. The motor is lightweight (16 kg with battery), operates when completely submerged, uses a high-performance drive unit that provides prolonged dive time at a high pulling force, provides constant monitoring of operating parameters via an OLED graphic display computer, and recharges the scooter, all using an ergonomic self-contained control system. These features are just a few of the many innovative solutions that are used in the Seacraft underwater scooter.



at nominal speed

Expanding underwater horizons

The patented immersed motor is more durable than traditional solutions and effectively eliminates the risk of overheating and flooding of the scooter. The motor, combined with other elements of the drive unit, provide high efficiency, longer distances and dive times. The double-sided steering handle mounted on the scooter allows ergonomic two-handed control and a wide range of smooth speed control.

max speed

A new dimension of underwater mobility

Seacraft DPV - the first diving scooter in the world, in which the motor runs directly in the water. Specially designed and patented solutions allow the complete elimination of the drive shaft and the need for expensive and unreliable seals used in all other constructions. The extremely high level of efficiency of the device results from innovative technology, which ensures easy access to very high speeds and depths while ensuring safety and ergonomic use.

charging time

Big Blue Exploration

The exceptional parameters of Seacraft DPV allow for increased possibilities, including the ability to travel long distances underwater and extensive battery life, for hours of continuous diving. The scooter uses a modern lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery built with high current cells supplied by a reputable manufacturer. Depending on the version, the Seacraft underwater scooter battery has 9 group cells with a total voltage of 37,8V (value after charging).